Photoshop to illustrator png not sizing right

Does anybody know why when I save a png in photoshop at 3”x3” and place it into illustrator it comes out way bigger

But when I save a jpeg in photoshop at those dimensions and place it into illustrator it comes out at the correct size.

I think it has something to do with photoshop being pixel based and illustrator being resolution independent but I’m not sure.

If any body could clarify this for me that’d be great!

Illustrator is not “resolution independent” when you introduce a raster element. The resolution of the image when placed in Illustrator makes a very big difference. Just putting the image into Illustrator does not make the image resolution independent.

Same goes for any raster Effects you may apply in Illustrator. Things like glows, drop shadows and blurs are indeed resolution dependent and also have scaling limits within Illustrator (you can scale in rip when printing but that’s another whole can of worms.)

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as for your .png…
How are you saving it out of Photoshop? To get a .png from photoshop, you have to Save to Web. Most web .pngs save out at a default 72ppi at the size appropriate to that ppi.

For instance if you have a 3" square at 300ppi, it will save as a .png that is 12.5" square at 72ppi.
Check your png size in photoshop after saving.

All that said, for any type of print application you should NOT be using a .png. Nor a .jpg.
For print, the proper formats are .psd or .tif.

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You are absolutely right with that! Haha I’m thinking that wasnt what I meant to say. I think I was trying to say because illustrator is more of a vector program and photoshop is pixel.

Okay that makes sense thank you! I tried exporting it as a .png and quick export as .png I didn’t do save for the web cause it was for print…

Now I’m thinking I messed up! It was for a magnet and was 300ppi I’m sure it will be fine for this. I will keep .tif in mind for next time tho

Thank you!

It probably still is 300ppi. Do you look at it in photoshop and scale it back down to magnet sized?

The magnet size was 3” x 3” I placed it in illustrator cause I was adding some graphics to the photo. I ended up just using a jpeg because it was the correct size and ppi

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