Photoshop's newest tool makes object selection ridiculously easy

So let’s say you have the following background layer and want to isolate the dog. With the new tool, you just “select” the dog. That simple!


A genuinely useful new feature.

Yeah, that one’s gonna make it hard for the chronic “I-don’t-have-use-for-any-of-those-new-features” update resistors. And, on the other hand, over the years I’ve said many times that putting in the hard work of making high quality selections is what separates the Photohop pro’s from the amateurs. Stuff like this, as awesome as it is, potentially gives the proverbial “boss’ nephew” an unearned leg-up.


I agree completely. I think I’ve spent at least half my learning time (tutorials and such) on different selection techniques.

I would like to see how it is around hair and textures at edges. Adobe always cheats by saying “look at what we can do”. They never really focus on any weaknesses of a tool so one must work it out themselves to see if something like this is really a time saver.

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Yeah getting those selections right is no joke. This does seem like it could come in handy. Even if it doesn’t get it perfect, its might get the bulk of the selection ready for any refinements.

But what happens when you have a photo where the contrast ratio between the object you are trying to select and it’s background is less than 50%? This is often a struggle I have when using that magnetic lasso tool.

Here’s a selection tutorial that blew me away.

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Agree completely. But then you can always just use quick select if it isn’t any better on the edges. And as “HotButton” mentioned above, the quality of a selection is a good indicator of tone’s level of expertise in Photoshop.

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