Pissed off at Font Explorer -- ZERO service!

I’ve been a FontExplorer Pro customer for probably over a decade now. Pay for the upgrades every time. Have tediously cataloged my thousands and thousands of fonts over the years.

My hard drive crashed and despite a lot of googling, I can’t seem to fix an issue with the file directory on the new computer. Which isn’t the point.

The point is that over the past three weeks, I have contacted the company through their customer service form (no phone number to call) THREE FREAKING TIMES for help, and have gotten ZERO, and I mean NADA, reply back. To say I’m furious is an understatement. They’ve never had a friendly customer relationship, but in the past they have at least replied to a support ticket. Apparently no longer.

I’m SO tempted to say “eff you” and switch over to Suitcase or Typekit, but I’ve spent too long micromanaging my collection. Now I need to see if I can figure out how to do an export of my catalog settings so I can PAY someone to come out, fire up my old hard drive, install and activate the program on a second computer, export the file, and then re-direct the program on my new computer to re-import the fonts from a new directory.

SO F*CKING FURIOUS at the company. Would never recommend them.

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Gotta say I’m at a loss at what you are trying to do to recover the fonts. You say the file directory on the crashed drive isn’t an issue, but it could be The Issue FontEx doesn’t want to deal with.

It sounds like you may have something beyond the purview of their if-A-then-B support services. They should at least contact you back and say as much though.

Call them out on social media - that’s what I do - usually gets fixed straightaway.

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The issue is a file redirection. When I copied and pasted over my font folder, it seems that the program is having trouble finding it. I’ve tried altering the directory path but it only wants to do it one-by-one, not as a whole. (Believe me, I’ve done my research on this). What I think the solution is going to be is to simply re-import all the fonts from the new directory, but in doing so I will lose the classification and organization. If I’m remembering back years ago, there’s a way to export this data.

Yeah, but how? On their page? (They won’t approve the post). My little personal page means nothing.


And just say you have been trying to contact support and nobody is replying.


I agree with Smurf2. Respond to one of their recent sales promotion tweets with a damning reply about their complete failure to respond to your multiple customer service requests.


I don’t have Twitter by by golly I’ll sign up for it just to reply.

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Twitter is the only social media I have.

Typically get good results with polite reminders.

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We shall see…


That should get their attention.

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I found your post on Twitter and clicked the like button. I hope they respond.


I’ve never heard of font explorer but if their support is as bad as you say I doubt I would want to sign up.

I’ve often found that starting off a tech conversation in a belligerant manner either gets you nowhere, or gets you there far slower than if you appear to want help and make it a two-way conversation. Being peeved, that’s one thing, but the techs that answer those things aren’t the ones at fault. I’ve actually had some excellent conversations with techs. Some of them were on the other side of the globe from me and you’d be surprised how far it will get you just asking what they are doing up so late at night or how the weather is.

Well, they did have three chances to deal with the problem already. I’d be pissed too.

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Depends on if all three requests sounded like this one

Definitely not. The first was a very nice explanation of my problem and request for help. The second was asking if my first inquiry had been received. The third one was politely pissed off. This is me furious. We never got to that level. :sweat_smile:

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Hear anything yet?

I actually heard from Monotype yesterday after I sent them a FB message (no response from Twitter). They said to email support@monotype.com. Will keep you posted.

From my experience with them, Monotype isn’t really a very customer-centered business. I sell a few fonts through them and their subsidiaries, and it’s the same all around — understaffed customer/client support. I almost get the impression that it’s a company grasping at straws in an effort to hang on to a market segment (commercial fonts) that’s slowly disappearing.

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