Plastic zipper bag

Hi people, I was given the task of designing plastic packaging for a wardrobe. I’m interested in how to make a template? I’m really confused and I’ve never done this before. I did make cardboard boxes, but never a plastic zipper bag. Can it help or if someone has a template to see in which direction to go?

Contact the manufacturer of the bags and ask them what their artwork specs are. Surest way to be sure you will supply artwork in the correct format.

Thanks :blush: I’m just wondering if I’m delivering a bag design or I have to design a bag on the appropriate template as well. I will ask them, thanks for the answer.

Again, the people printing it will be able to answer all your questions. I assume there will not be one standard size, or spec, in the same way it would be a bit redundant asking for a cardboard box template without knowing sizes, printing method, if it’s laminated, etc.

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This is your best first option, because most package printing companies supply templates (at least all of the packaging companies I have ever worked with have done so.)

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