Playing with Firefly

Had some time to kill while doing file archiving so had Adobe Firefly (v1) make some creepy houses for me in the background. Kinda liked this one.


Firefly, like the other image generators, does a great job sometimes. Other times, it comes up with a series of things that are useless. Out of all those I’ve tried, I think I’ve had more success with Firefly.

While it was still in beta testing and not licensed for commercial use, I bought a subscription to Night Cafe out of necessity for a couple of jobs. Firefly typically did better with the same commands, even though I needed to use Night Cafe.

The whole AI landscape is changing so fast that what’s true today will be different tomorrow.

That is a very well-done and spooky house, though.


As with all things AI, don’t look too close, LOL. I got a little too specific with the prompt too. This was as close to “Five stories high” as it could get. Most were three.
“Mansion, five stories high, center entry, in ruins, decay, overgrown, deep forest” with the Golden Hour lighting turned on.
This one kinda made me laugh too. Yup that would be a center entry all righty.


I love an old, spooky house :smiley: I like how it turned out.

You are right about not looking too close though. I always say with AI at first you are blown away and your brain glosses over imperfections … but then if you look at it longer things begin to focus and your brain starts saying “something isn’t right”.

I joined NightCafe as well. I have been having pretty good luck with learning prompting from doing the daily challenges. I’ve done well enough that I’m usually in the top 20, 10 or 5 percent. I’ve never won and I have no idea what has to transpire for that to happen given the way they describe voting. Anyhoo, I’m taking a break from that as well. Since the top 3 seem mighty similar lately. It’s like they sent a memo and I didn’t get it. I started noticing it on No Theme day. I’m having a hard time believing 50% of the entries thought of exactly the same type of image when there were no requirements. (think flaming ballerina) But, no one seems to have a problem with it. It’s not being talked about anywhere. Unless it’s being removed before I see anything about it.

I still have fun with it though. I really wish I could try Firefly, but they never accepted my request. Even though I have no need for one, I would have even considered a new PS subscription just to give it a whirl.

Such is life … :wink:

I have the full Creative Suite so Firefly V1 is available for “free.” It’s been fun to muck around in, gotta admit, just to learn the prompting. I hear V2 does hands and faces better. With V1 I wouldn’t even consider trying after the first few I did. I tried to do a Cat Pirate too, but got images of cat pirates with stacked ears and multiple rows of snarly teeth, LOL!

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It really does crack me up on how it gets hung up on certain details. My multiple cat faces seems to have gone away … now I’m getting three legs or an extra foot. It’s always something :rofl:

This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to normal hands. I was rather proud of it … and it went over like a lead balloon at the challenge for wizard. You just can’t gauge what kids are going to vote for. The winner was a mouse looking in a magic book :roll_eyes:


I thought my pirate cats in v1 were pretty ok, all things considered.

I think its a little easier to forgive the weirdness when not aiming for photo-realism:


I moved this here. I think you posted it in an old thread by mistake :wink: