Please express your criticism

I’ve only started my studies a month, and in graphic design we got the project where we have to design our own bookmark. The main idea is that in the design itself you have to leave a field where you can write your name.
Well, I did something like that in Illustrator, the problem is that I’ve never had anything to do with design and graphics and such software, and I don’t get any feedback from the professor because she probably doesn’t have time for it. So I decided to post it here to get at least a little feedback.

On my bookmark I tried to put a sentence in Cyrillic “Я за мир” which means “I am for peace” and you can then write your name in the “Я” where “Я” means “I am”.

You’ve used Ukrainian colors and Cyrillic. Just for context, are you from Ukraine? If so, why do you also use English in the signature space?

I like the experimental nature of the typography, but I’m concerned about its legibility. The letters are so distorted that I’m wondering if people would read it as Я за мир. The wheat looks a little out of place considering the design of everything else. I’m also wondering why you’ve chosen to position the peace symbol on its side.

The design shows originality and your ability to think outside the usual, more conservative design solutions. In other words, not bad for only being a month into your studies.