Please Help Me Critique this... How can I improv

Never flip an image if there are recognizable writings on it.

Copywriting leaves a lot to be desired. Punctuation same.

The big red splash serves no purpose that I can see.

Anyone familiar with the kitchen knows not to fill the blender to the brim.

The tagline is hard to read.

A phone number is not sufficient for contact information. Address? Website?

Oh yes — improv is short for “improvisation”.


If you flippa the image you have to flippa the text.

Same crit as above.

And there’s no teeth whitening kit in the image or hotplates (maybe it doesn’t need everything).

The handle of the jug - is that supposed to be see through - cos I can’t see through it.
Or if not then make it not - it’s just white and looks incorrect.

Don’t split products across lines, for example,
blender, hot
plates, mini

should be
hot plates, mini A.C. Fans, manicure kits,
teeth whitener

NEVER say etc.

teeth whitener and much more…

Needs more call to action.

You could include price bubbles on the products.

And there’s lots more to do.

But I hope you get the jist.

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Oh thank you very much God bless you. I will work on your suggestions. But about the number, that was the only detail the client gave me

I see 2 devices with spinning blades, a medical kit, and a splash of blood.


Thanks a bunch Smurf I will try to adjust the copywriting but what more can I do please tell me

Hahahaha. Now that’s funny Mojo

Looks to me the client does not want customers to visit on premise or on-line. Fair enough.

The place is called “Grace Store”.

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Ha! What has been seen can not be unseen.

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I actually saw the same thing, LOL!

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You’ve received some excellent feedback so far. In my opinion, it comes across like you skipped the marketing / messaging and went straight to the computer. Look at this ad and ask yourself, “So what?” I see Grace Stores and an odd assortment of products. Why should I care? What’s the benefit to me, the consumer?

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In one word what you are saying is the copywriting is not a good one for the market right ?? Steve…

It’s more than funny, though. Mojo’s right — the juxtaposition of the different products conjures up some unpleasant thoughts.

People naturally tend to see patterns, make associations, and create storylines that fit what they see. In advertising, designers can leverage these tendencies to subliminally suggest positive and pleasant thoughts that help sell products.

Conversely, the juxtaposition of food, nail- and foot-care implements, sharp blades, and splashes of red liquid creates an ominous and unsettling combination.

The ad looks nice, but there’s more to it than good looks. You should consider everything from what @Mojo and I just mentioned to the items already mentioned by others.

Especially problematic is your copy (the text) — it’s poorly written. Designers sometimes think they don’t need to concern themselves with copywriting, but that’s an erroneous assumption. The most beautiful and attractive designs will instantly be rendered ineffective and counterproductive by bad writing and mistakes.

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It’s better.

The way the blender is placed is proportionately and perspectively awkward. The drop shadow does not work and should be dropped (pun intended).

The store name and tag line should be the first line of focus. Make them so.

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Sorry I don’t get you, what do you mean by the blender… Are you talking of the black Friday 50% tag

The blender is the thingy with the red base and spinning blades.

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Just B. Am so grateful for your constructive feed back. What happened is am actually doing a design practice, what happened is I found this on WhatsApp then decided to do a before and after for it by transforming this to what you saw earlier

Oh okay… Dumb me :joy: anyways thanks Eriksay :blush: