Please help me designing a logo (I need ideas)

I work in an office as a graphics designer, although I’m an 2D animator but I’m the only graphics related guy in the office so its more of a ONE SIZE FITS ALL situation. my company is working on new product, its like an online job searching website. the name of the website is “Right Jobs”

I am assigned to design its logo and all UI stuff . the problem is, I’ve showed them so many designs but my rejected every single one, he keeps telling me to think out of the box and create something different, even after doing that, he thinks its not nice.

I would really appreciated if you folk helped me with some ideas, because to be very honest. I’m out of ideas now :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

How much money you got?


What PrintDriver said.

You do realize you are asking a group of largely professional designers to do what they do for a living for free, right?

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Advice I can offer:
Are you asking the right questions?
If your ideas are being shot down, you need a little more guidance beyond “think outside the box.”

Ask how they see the product being used by the target demographic.
Think about your sales area.
Research the competition (but do NOT copy them.)
How does your company logo and the product tie together? (ie does the company have other offerings and do they tie together maybe as a suite of products?)


^Right. Are you actually working a process, or are you just producing decorative bobbles to present on a trial-and-error basis in hope that one sticks? A competently designed logo is an “engineered” solution—each of its elements exists for a reason and fulfills a specific purpose—that doesn’t happen without extensive advance analysis. The product, its market, its competition, and its position relative to both the competition and its sister products all must be known, dissected, and employed strategically. The proverbial “Box” is formed by these things, and you can’t think inside of it or outside of it until it’s defined.

Generally, ideas are not freely offered up here. (Asking for ideas is essentially asking people whose product is ideas to give away their product for free.) Surely, no one here could even begin to form ideas about an identity for this product without all the aforementioned analysis, and your post barely scratches the surface.

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If you post a few of the best ones, we can give you some feedback on where you might be going wrong. Then again, we know nothing about the person who’s rejected them. The problem might be with your work or the problem might be with the person whom you can’t seem to please. There’s no way to tell without more information.

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No, I’m sorry I’m new to this forum, I didn’t know that it is more of a freelancing platform. Usually forums are more of a place where people discuss stuff or problems and give their opinion, I clearly mentioned in my post that “I 'm a designer myself” so I obviously know what designer do for a living and I don’t know when giving comments or one’s opinion became a part of it.
I didn’t ask you to give me a complete design, I was just asking for ideas, like what can you can possibly suit the word “Right Jobs” visually.
In case if you misunderstood meaning of the word idea! here’s a lil help for you my friend!idea

thanks mate! that was helpful

Hi Khuzaima :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you are misunderstanding Steve’s comment. This forum indeed is here to help and guide folks whenever possible. However giving ideas for logo’s is a major part of any designer’s job. They get paid for that.

So, in answer to your question … No, we won’t give you ideas or help you design a logo. But, we are more than happy to help you with what you have already created. If YOU have an idea for this particular logo and want to share it with us, we would be happy to help you with a critique. This can help you hone your skill and tighten up the design.

Re-read the brief they gave you and get out your sketch book. Start thinking of everything the company does and what they represent. If need be, get outside and start looking around for inspiration.

Thank you and good luck ~ Your friendly Moderator :slight_smile:

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