Please help me identify these effects

Can someone please help me identify the effects, the plugin, and/or possibly even the software used on this logo. Was it done with Eye Candy perhaps? Open to any and all suggestions.
Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

the MRE part reminds me of one of those old school alien eyecandy plugins.


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There aren’t too many - of what I would consider “effects”.
MRE could be a vector illustration with a 3D extrude and bevel - only the with no perspective angle. (AI)
Or… a bitmap image with two layers, the one below having that liquid metal filter, (i’ll have to look up the name) (Photoshop)

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Eye Candy would be the easiest and fastest, but you could probably create the inside color using the new Freeform Gradient tool in Illustrator, and adding effects in Photoshop. For the outer edges, play around with the Bevel & Emboss Contour features. There are endless combinations in there, and I think one of those would give you what you are looking for.

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