Please help me out to design this rounded texts

**Please help me to design this rounded text. I am using Illustrator. I have tried in some way. But it didnt worked.75627366_2726568777364727_6284693689956564992_n **

I am trying. But its not perfect as it in picture. what should I do now?

You could always spend 10 bucks and buy it from Shutterstock.

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It may involve replacing the spine on a blend with a spiral in some fashion, but I haven’t had time to take a look at it in depth. Not even sure if blend will do that using words.

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Closest I could get and it still isn’t quite right. Not sure how to push the letters closer at the tail end.
It wasn’t blends. It was a brush.

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You went near to the point. I got the idea from a video tutorial. I will design it then post here. Same as you did. from brush.

I am trying to make it. Not for selling or commercial use. I am learning new new tips and tricks. Thats why I am not spending a single buck -_-

I could have gotten down to a point when I created the brush envelope, but didn’t. It wasn’t working the way I wanted anyway so didn’t spend any more time on it.

There’s always the decidedly low-tech way of just approximating it by hand.

The circumference of a circle with, say, a 2-inch radius ( speaking of π ) is 12.566 inches. Draw out a 12.566-inch rectangle. Adjust the left side of the rectangle to match the point size of the largest desired glyph. Set the height of the opposite side to the height of the smallest glyph, then color the box light gray and lock it. Get a long string of numbers and, beginning at the left side of the box, paste them down so the numbers extend across the box. Then it’s just a matter of scaling each numeral to match the height of the sloping top of the gray box that’s locked in the background. Copy the text, then paste it onto the outline path of the 2-inch radius circle. First, though, a very small chunk needs to be cut out of the circle at the top to give it a starting and ending point. Adjust the start and end points on the circle so that the small text meets up to the middle of the large text.

This sounds like it would take forever, but it only took about five–ten minutes. Now I need to go rake the leaves that I put off for the sake of tackling this more challenging task. :confused:


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