Please help me

how to make design like this ?

Unfortunately, that’s a bit like posting a pic of an Aston Martin and asking how you make one.

In terms of how to do it; probably a bit of 3D rendering and photoshop. That doesn’t help much does it?

As to being able to use them proficiently enough to produce that kind of image, is not something can be written in a step-by-step on a forum post. It takes a good few years of knowledge and experience to get to that point.

I am judging by the question itself that you don’t have a lot of either in this regard. If that is the case and you need something like this produced, then the best advice I can give, is find a pro and pay them to do it.

Raw initial talent, education, years of practice, and thousands of hours of experimentation and trial and error using and mastering various tools are needed to produce this kind of work.

There is no way to explain it in a simple forum post, even if I knew for sure how the artist did it, which I don’t. I think only the artist could tell you.

Get a camera, find a bottle, throw some dirt on it. Piece of cake.

You could ask the artists

Evandro Malgueiro and more

Creative Retouch, Illustration, Matte Painting, Post production

Casa Locomotiva

close ups

cooperation with

3D clay model

reading the credits @sprout seems to be close


I’ve seen some really nice work coming out of Brazil and Argentina over the past several years.

The artist is going to say the same thing. Lots of talent. And lots of practice, in this case, using a 3D program.

The hops on this one bother me. Immature cones (usually) have fewer scales, not smaller versions of larger cones.

at least 3 artists worked on this
some used 3D software

Makes you wonder the price tag, and how it would compare to making this out of the actual grains over a bottle form with the labeling scaled appropriately.
“Computer” does not always equal “easier.”

I totally agree. If I was tasked with such a project I would at least think about sculpting and shooting it in real live.