Please Help, Simple Color Change Needed

I am not super familiar with Photoshop (obviously) but I want to take anything that’s not white on the BW image and change the color to HEX 0x294B8F which is the the color of the Focusrite unit shown in the photo. If possible make it look sharper/cleaner than the black and white image. It would also be nice if I could convert it to a scalable vector graphic to help resolution but that’s not super necessary.

I got as far as selecting the white background and moving it to a new layer but I couldn’t figure out how to select everything left and change the color to that blue, so I could paste it back onto a white background. Everything other than white is varying shades of black and gray. I kept making the text/lines look worse/fuzzy and connecting in some places.

Thanks for any help you can give.

The best thing to go would be to recreate the black & white line art in Illustrator. It’s fairly straight forward. The most time consuming part would be figuring out what the serif font is for matching purposes.

If that’s outside of your comfort zone, open it up in Photoshop. Set your color swatch to the hex color mentioned. Create a new layer. Set the blending mode on the new layer to screen. Get the brush tool and paint away. Everything that’s black will change to the blue. Flatten the image, and you should be done.



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No problem.

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