Please help to identify this font


Thank you

Mango Squash :slight_smile:

… and Welcome Aboard!!! :smiley:


@RedKittieKat thanks for replying, but I see that there isn’t a thick border over the font. Could you help?

That would be added in the design treatment :wink:


@RedKittieKat I see, Thank you btw


I happened to have Photoshop open so this is very quick just to show adding a stroke to the font. You will of course fine tune the details.

Regular font with no stroke:

Font with thick stroke:

There are a few ways to do this across many different software programs. You will have to find what works with whatever you are using. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps.

@RedKittieKat, you are the Queen of Fonts!

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I’ve bowed so much my neck hurts.

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@RedKittieKat thank you, I have found the same method

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Thanks guys :grin:

and you are very welcome Soufiane :slight_smile:

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