Please help! Trying to name this typeface!

Hello everyone!

Hoping someone may be able to help me with identifying this typeface. I have searched endlessly, and tried the identifier tools but I can’t seem to find a match. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I don’t think you are finding a match because it’s more than one font. In my opinion :wink:

At this point is just a bunch of random letters and numbers … near as I can tell.

There are lots of San Serifs that match a couple but not all.

I also see several matches for SOME of the numbers but nothing for the 7. None of the bends are quite right.

This example is all over the place … again, just my opinion :wink:

What is this from? Do you have more examples?

Otherwise I think this is something someone just threw together or possibly altered.

I’m officially stumped :wink: Maybe someone else might have more info.

As if there wasn’t enough evidence already to suggest the world is coming to an end…




Where did you find the sample?