Please identify this font

Please identify the font in the “HOMEWORK HOTLINE” text.Question Font


Hobo is one of my least favorite typefaces of all times. In this instances, though, the designer surprisingly used it in a way consistent with its origins in Art Nouveau. Today, it’s mostly used when people want a casual and relaxed typeface — sort of similar to why people choose Comic Sans.

Hobo was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1910. Ironically, he was also the type designer who designed one of my favorite go-to typefaces, Franklin Gothic.

A classic case of the mind betrayed by pre-conception. If my mind were clear and free of clutters, I think I can accept the font choice; yet, once the mind determined the face was Hobo, say, it painted a whole different picture of calamity.

Thanks for answering, Steve_O!

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Thanks for answering, Just-B!

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