Please let me know what do you think


please let me know what do you think about my last uploaded work

I read Intet in stead of Inter

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I initially read something different as well Inte"L"

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Aspects of the overall program are nice, but I agree with others. You either read Inter or Intel depending on the application.

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It’s a very busy logo. The text is busy, the zigzag lines are superfluous and the flower shape is also complex. There’s a bit too much going on.

I agree, the name is quite hard to read. I like how there are different variations with the different fruit/colour combinations, but unsure how the different fruits will be used as they are not for different branches of the company. For example, if you had:

  • Intercontinental Bradah Farming
  • Intercontinental Bradah Transport
  • Intercontinental Bradah Hospitality
  • Intercontinental Bradah Research
    It would make sense to have different variation for each.
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That was the client’s requirement as he wanted the colors to be variable with fruits packaging

as for the text I do understand it’s a long text
as for the flower shape that was how simple it could get

if you have other suggestions please let me know

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