Please rate this Christmas overlay

Hi, I come with an overlay for a game. Do not care about This big purple square cause this is just where the game has to be, but I would like to know most about around the game, about the black frame and the color around the frame is it not too much of colors or something like this, and on the left downside there is three square () for top donate is with candy cane with last donate is with Santa hat and the time to the end of a stream is with a watch. What I can change or it is good?

Exactly the same comments as per your previous post for the video screens.

Is this gonna blink and wiggle and stuff? An elf shooting from one cannon to the other would be fun. And make sure you also add suitable X-mas sound effects to your game.


I was done reading that thx :wink:

Yes the upper lights are gonna fading in and fading out, And the cannon gonna shooting something from there First I was thinking to shoot candy but I think the elf will be a better thing. And how about on the left corner is it good these a timer to the and 2 more is it good ?? I just make theme animate the clock gonna rotating etc.

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