Pms 3517

Does anyone have the formula to mix PMS 3517…it’s not in our pantone book, and of course we have a rush job to get out before the holidays.


Sorry, I don’t but maybe NeverMan will.
What’s really funny is I just broke down and ordered a new formula deck only yesterday. Won’t have it until next Wednesday.

RGB 186 0 32


CMYK 3 100 91 6

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Thanks Monkey…but I need the formula to mix the spot color

I just asked at another forum, I think someone may have it over there

Thank you Designia…may I ask what forum is that. I love having multiple resources.

I found this online calculator;

Part Number Description % Weight Mixing Grams
7505 Scarlet 68.7% 68.7
7538 Mixing White 18.0% 18.0
7507 Red 12.6% 12.6
7536 Mixing Black 0.7% 0.7
100.0% 100.0

Accuracy will depend on using their inks.

[EDIT] Just noticed they are screen printing inks - maybe there’s a similar calculator on your ink supplier’s website?

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easiest is to pick up the phone and call 1-800-Pantone.

I just figured Pantone would only say…well you can order a new ink guide. LOL

C or U?


If you explained the situation maybe they would say “happy holidays, here’s your numbers?”
You lapsed 2 hours of valuable time here.

Thank you every one for trying to get this ink mix… I was able to get it from our ink vendor.

The replies are interesting…Guess Spot color on paper is a dying thing.

I feel so old…Just 9 more years til retirement…can’t wait.

Glad you got that sorted.

Spot color on paper isn’t so much a dying thing.
There’s a couple factors at work in this thread, the biggest one being it’s a graphic design forum. Designers don’t [usually] have formula books.

I don’t have one because I do spots differently (ie no Pantone mixing inks involved) and our Nazdar screen inks book is out of date and useless to you. The only reason I ordered the formula guide is because I needed a fan deck and it was on sale. LOL.

Silly observation, but as far as I know, the ink mix doesn’t change coated to uncoated. Just the paper changes.

I thought the ink build was the same for both coated and uncoated also

Thank you everyone! Job is on Press. All 250 envelopes lol.


Curious what the mix was.
And if you are using Pantone’s ink set.

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