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So I recently started to follow some graphic/design podcasts and youtube channels. I would love to get some other recommendations if any of you have some that make great content! They make my 1 hr+ morning commute more enjoyable!

Here is my list:

Pixel & Bracket
The Futur



– The Art of Obtaining Clients (not design related directly, but super nice if you’re self employed)

– Logo Geek | The Logo Design & Branding Podcast

– The Reflex Blue Show

– The Deep End Design


Here are some good additions to the list:
Ben G Kaiser
Will Patterson
Roberto Blake
Charlie Marie

Podcasts I listen to:
99% Invisible
Side Hustle School (not design specific, but relevant for freelancers)

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Here are some more great YT channels for graphic designers:

  • Tasty Tuts
  • Brent Galloway
  • Charlie Lewis
  • Dansky
  • Design Gal
  • Jesse Showalter
  • Satori Graphics

I try to do one of the following each day: run 2.5 miles, hike 5 miles, bike 10 miles or some combination of them. This give me a chance to listen to lots of podcasts about all kinds of things — only three of which relate to design and one that relates to work in general.

So in no particular order:

There are sometimes some really good design- or work-related TED Talk podcasts too, so they’re probably work checking out. (TED, in case you don’t know, stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.)

Design Domination
The Deep End Design
The Honest Designers
InDesign Secrets
Resourceful Designer

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