Poop on this

Thank you. I agree…

…but chose to keep it as-is otherwise it competes as a text block (design element) with an already busy background. That ends up making the whole design flat looking. That’s also the reason I didn’t add a moon to an otherwise empty upper right side, but left hard lines (comic style) to break up the negative space instead.

Just explaining rationale and showing an example of “there is no right/wrong”.

Just a word of advice … don’t ask for people to shit all over your design and then swipe back at criticism :slight_smile:

I’ve never understood that tag line in critiques “tear me apart” , “rip this to shreds”, Be brutal with me" … this particular title.

Why on earth would you put yourself and your work down like that and ask for abuse willingly. Trust me, there are plenty of people in this world willing to do it freely.

If you want a critique … ask for one. But, when you present it like this, it’s almost as though you think it’s garbage and want confirmation.

But, that’s just my opinion :wink:

As for the banner. I think it will work well for Facebook. It’s colorful and legible and will catch folks eye. My only suggestion is maybe that blue hue could be a tad darker or more to the dark purple side.

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I just thought it would be a funny title.

“It looks cheap.” isn’t critique at all. It’s reactive, uninformative, and useless. To be fair though, I was really easy on Fae. I could have been as big a jerk as him/her.

I will continue to make that distinction.

Feel free to delete whenever.

I am truly sorry if I came off as arrogant or as an asshole. That wasn’t the intent. I’m sometimes surprised by people’s self importance - mostly in myself. I often come off (especially when I write) as a “nonse” or overstate things.

I think I do owe an apology to anyone that took this the wrong way. But really, I’m only trying to get people to say “why” they have the opinion they do. Without the why there is nothing I can learn - and that’s why I come here. I appreciate when people say I’m wrong because then I have to learn it. But I have to stand by the concept that an open ended opinion is useless. It’s only opinion (insert dumb joke here).

I communicated VERY poorly, So to Fae and anyone else, I sincerely apologize.


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I turned 50 on Saturday. I don’t think I realized what a bad mood I’ve been in for about a week. Sorry folks.


Happy Birthday Neverman :smiley: … bad moods come with the territory at this age. I’m slowly becoming one of those “Get off my lawn” folks :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with everyone about the white text.

I hope you had a happy birthday. Fifty is a big one!
My birthday was last week too (not on Saturday, though).

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Thank you very much. This is the first b’day that I actually “felt”.

Welcome to the club!

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I did nothing but sulk, drink, and shoot zombies on my PS4. Just like every other 50 year old does lol. I went out last night with friends though and had fun. But on the day I wanted nothing to do with anyone.

I threw a big party for my 50th … well I said I wanted one so it was thrown for me LOL :smiley:

I never ask for anything and could really care less about birthdays. but a good portion of my 40’s was spent having surgeries and one very special year was spent in chemo … so 50 was a huge freaking deal to me. I was glad to see it come. I had a blast with family and friends. Now I appreciate all birthdays. I only sulk when I realize I’m still too broke to travel around the world for the event :smiley:

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Happy belated bday Neverman, I never intended to come across as an insensitive human being. There might have been some frustration on my end that week aswell. Your comment about wanting real critique is fair. Let’s leave it at that.

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I totally overreacted to an otherwise out of hand comment. Like Red said, I shouldn’t have titled it “Poop on this.” I just really thought everyone would get the reference to Courage the Comic Interview Dog and it would be funny. I totally missed the mark.

Stay happy and thanks for the note.

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