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Hi All,
I was wondering if I could please get some constructive feedback for my portfolio. I wanted it to be minimal, clean, and easy to read.

If you tried typing in a link to your portfolio, it didn’t work because the forum settings don’t allow forum members to post links until they’ve viewed or responded to a set number of posts. This is meant to frustrate spammers. I’ve bumped up your privileges a notch, so you should be able to link to your portfolio now.

Thank you so much! I can’t attach a PDF version can I?

You will get more critiques if you have an online version.

Ok, thanks! Here’s a link to my web portfolio.

In the main, it is, but the about you page is definitely not easy to read. You have used a poor quality image, full strength behind light type. It’s pretty much illegible. Also, the cut-out needs attention. I’d make the pic much smaller too.

The purple navigation band at the top of the pages is possibly a little too deep.

The other thing I’d think about changing is repeating the phrase, ‘This is a college assessment’ at the top of every project. You are right to indicate this, but a simple heading ‘college project’, or similar, eithe at the top or bottom in a different style to differentiate it from the main text would be better. It is important, you state this, but currently you make it the most important thing and the repetition gets a bit tedious.

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Write short description about you between 250-300 characters; Add your work experience, your country, your email id, social media links that’s it!

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I found doing the web portfolio much harder than my print and PDF versions of it. I wanted to do my own design but not sure how to do it. I had to go off a template.

After having examined your portfolio, I would like to add some recommendation.

I’ve noticed that you are using Adobe Portfolio’s template to create this website. However, if possible, the first thing I would suggest is to try and shorten your website’s URL and make it looks more professional. At the moment, your website’s access link is too long and is a little bit meaningless. If possible, I would suggest hosting your website on a separated server and acquire a shorter domain name for it.

As suggested by sprout, most of your works’ description are simply: “This is a college assessment.” Imagine yourself working as an employer, looking at your works, what do you think? For me, I would think that:

  1. This person doesn’t seem like a creative person. Except for her assignments, she doesn’t seem to take the liberty to work on her own project to improve her experience. It would, therefore, be very difficult to measure this person’s potential and future grow.
  2. I can only see the finished works here. I don’t know how much time did it take for this person to complete her works. I also don’t know what processes she went through when designing her work. Why did she choose this color and style? What are her aims when selecting this particular font? etc. It would be hard to imagine if she would fit in the position I’m currently looking for, and it’s certainly difficult to imagine how she would fit in the team she will work with.

For each pieces, I would definitely recommend adding more details into your project description: What are your goals? What were the challenges? How did you tackle those challenges? What were your processes? I understand that you would like to embrace a minimal style with your portfolio. However, you can also provide a lot more information even when written using bulletin points.

In addition, I would definitely recommend creating an additional one or two projects using every knowledge that you have to show your full potential to your future employers. Creating additional projects in addition to your college work would also helps you to realize your strengths and weaknesses, and helps to nurture your train of thoughts. It will be beneficial in long term.

as a friend i have 3 things about the portfolio.

  1. it needs many fixes, learn more about web designing, you can try w3schools or other references.
  2. image quality, try to use high resolution & more well-edited image.
  3. i believe that you can improve your design, don’t give up. :wink:

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