Portfolio Feedback


Im on my last module and would appreciate some feedback on my Online portfolio.

Thanks team

Are you looking for feedback on the actual website or on the work shown?

I like it. I felt the designs you chose where a bit “safe” , but overall decent pieces. And I won’t judge for picking simple and safe pieces for a portfolio.

Loved the photo manipulations. I see you took my advise on the ‘Tea cup’ piece! I’m honored!

I was a bit disappointed about the typography section. I clicked it hoping to see stylist type layouts, page spreads, and clever manipulation and/or application of typeface. I wanted type! Lots of it! bodies of type, collages of type, big type, small type, big type WITH little type.

Overall I enjoyed the portfolio, the work within it, and the way it was presented

Hi Steve, feedback on the actual website would be great.
Thank you

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