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Hello, everyone. I am a recent graphic design graduate from Seattle. I am having difficulty getting an interview. I have applied to many job postings but have not received interview responses. The market is tough, but I am unsure if my portfolio is up to par. If someone could give me feedback on my work, it would be conducive for me. Thank you very much!

This is my website/portfolio: https://www.dcurbelodesign.com/

Daniel, welcome to GDF. I took a look at your website. You do nice work. Based on your work, I’m not sure why your not getting interviews — unless that just speaks to the volume of applicants out there for every one job opening. Still, I think your work would stand out.

If I were to nitpick, I’d say you could rewrite the intro statement on your home page to something that indicates more that you’re looking for a job. As it reads now, it sound like you’re looking for clients. Also, “bring your ideas to life.” As a designer, I want to be the one with the ideas, not executing my client’s ideas.

Second thing is on your about page. You should have hanging punctuation on the quote.

Like I said, those are nits. I doubt they would keep you from getting an interview, but fixing them would be good.

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i don’t like losing the Header of the website for navigation as I scroll.
See this site - the header remains so you can click to another portion

I think it’s about you - so Contact Me should be first and foremost on all pages.
Top and Bottom links to contact - a quick contact forms are good

Good you have no popups - hate pop ups - can’t go to website these days without a video playing over the content, a form popping up, and 9 other things.

There’s too much clicking to do and too much scrolling
It would take me an age to review all portions of the portfolio.

For that reason I might sit your application in a maybe pile and come back to it later.

I’m more likely to be more engaged with quick information portfolios - where it grabs my attention.

When it comes to CVs I don’t want to read 10 pages
When it comes to portfolios I want an overview of what is on offer.

When it takes several clicks/lots of scrolling to get the info you’ve probably lost my interest.

The work is good - but the website presents it in a complicated way that makes it less interesting to navigate and engage with.

This is way too much information and hard to digest - and it doesn’t sit neatly on my laptop screen

Good work - but the content needs to be digested quickly like a BillBoard message - it needs to grab the reviewer, see the content, digest the message and move on.

Nice work! I have to agree with everyone else. The first thing I noticed was no hanging punctuation and Steve_O is right about the intro statement. It sounds like you’re looking for freelance work and not a full-time role. My 2 cents.

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Your work is great, so I’m stumped as to why you haven’t gotten any interviews. What kind of jobs have you applied to, and how many?

However, I’m not a fan of the website’s gray, red, white, and blue color scheme. It lacks chromatic subtlety and richness. That’s just my personal reaction, though. Others might love it.

I’ll also reinforce what others have said.

Your portfolio isn’t focused on what you’re trying to achieve — landing a job. Instead, I’m having trouble deciding if you’re freelancing, showing student work, or showing commercial work. I’m not sure why, but I’ve noticed a tendency of recent design graduates to design portfolios with ambiguous target audiences in mind and to imply they’re established designers instead of just-graduated students looking for their first job.

As a former creative director at several different workplaces, I reviewed hundreds of portfolios. Ninety-plus percent of the portfolios I reviewed were simply collections of work. Very few of them were aimed at the person making hiring decisions, and few made a concerted effort to tell me why their skills and talents would help fulfill my group’s and our clients’ needs.

No, no, no, no. You’re supposed to be the non-biased, trained, and talented idea person who understands how to reach client target audiences and help achieve client goals. You’re not a software monkey renting out your hands. I turn down clients who expect me to bring their (usually awful) ideas to life.

Thank you very much for your feedback Steve. I’m more at ease with my portfolio now, and I will fix those minor details you recommended. Thanks again!

Absolutely agree with you, Smurf2! i will correct those mistakes that i made! thank you for your time and review my portfolio

Thank you, Nivek, actually, i would like to get a contract job, but since the market its pretty hard right now, I will start looking for a freelance work as well, Thank you one more time

Hi Just-B, Thank you for reviewing my portfolio. That means a lot to me. I was applying for 15-18 jobs already, basically graphic designer, visual designer, and junior graphic designer positions.
I’m showing my student work on my portfolio. Should I clarify this in my bio-introduction?
I will change and follow all your recommendations; thank you again.

For what it’s worth I think your work is standalone damn good.

You should work for yourself.

Be the boss. Go get it.

Thank you so much !

I agree, the work,is good, but a few years working in a good studio is invaluable before going it alone.

That’s what I’m trying to achieve, thank you Sprout