Positioning statement vs tagline

If you’re doing a logo would you put the tagline or the position statement under the logo? I looked at nikes and other logos and it seems it is just 3 or 4 words under the logo. Im doing a project for a client who wants the positioning statement next to the logo but wouldn’t that be too long? Is it normal to have something like this? thanks

There is no “normal” in graphic design.
It’s all in the look.
For what purpose are you adding the tag and in what instances will it be used?
First, the logo should stand alone without a tag.
After that, whatever you do depends on the purpose.
Wide narrow banner?
Website header?
Maybe for that, if it works aesthetically and doesn’t make the message to drawn out.
For a side banner ad on a website, no. It would make the logo to small to read.
For a pull up banner for a tradeshow, no. Ditto.


I rarely consider those kinds of extras as part of the logo — just something that accompanies it. As PrintDriver said, the logo needs to stand on its own at times, even when the organization has a tagline.

In situations where a tagline is requested, I’ll typically design a couple of options for its position and write those discretionary positions into the brand standards. In other words, if the space is wide open, the first choice might be for the tagline to go out to the side. In instances where that won’t work, the fallback position might be beneath the logo. For those times when a tagline won’t work, the logo stands on it’s own.

I’ll typically take the same approach with the printed name of the organization and its visual relationship to the logo. First choice, here. Second choice, there. Third choice somewhere else.

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I usually supply the final logo on its own and a version with a the tagline/slogan locked up. It’s up to you as the designer to decide what works with the particular logo and tagline.

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At all of my in-house jobs, we’ve kept two versions of the logo – one was just the logo and the other was logo/tagline. We’ve only used the tagline version for sponsorship signage and business cards, since we had little opportunity to brand ourselves in those instances. Everything that had copy used the standard logo.

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