Possible scam?

So a “freelance” project came in and I’ve been talking back and forth for a sec but the “customer” just sent this over and this throws everything into question now. Has anyone seen or encountered this before during freelance?

Absolutely drop that like a hot rock.
There’s a very similar one we printers see every now and again, but has to do with frontloading shipping charges.

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Yeah, that message throws up more red flags than I’d care to count. A brand new client you’ve never met wants you to do him a favor by engaging in a convoluted payment scheme for which you’ll receive a tip? No way.

Did you look at the raw text header to see where the email might have originated?

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yeah, this is what showed up.

yep. scam.

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Scamoooo. So sorry. Here’s something we got similar, batch of requests and newsletter signups from sudden large bursts… so frustrating because it affects our reports for conversion rates, etc…

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