Poster Project for class

For one of my classes, I am required to create a super Hero Poster.

The poster is 11x17 and be superhero based with location, date, time and price for the information placed.

My art skills could be improved, but I was wanting critique on design, position and poses. This is probably one of the first posters I created that had me do a full drawing on it so I would like some advice.

personally, I’m not a fan of the typography. Especially the “$10”. It just looks off.

Is the “SF” behind Super Fam the logo? If so, maybe don’t block it by “Super”?

Where do you want the eye to start and where do you want it to go.
You have a woman pointing to somewhere off the poster, you have a big bright yellow thing with a 10 in it, you have a mass of purple that doesn’t readily sort out into capes or boots (causes eye confusion) and your logo is the least important element in the poster, competing with SuperFam.

Pick a logical order and motion.

Looks lame. Seems more halloweeny custumey … than SUPERHERO!

You’ve capitalized Parent’s and Night, so why did you not capitalize out?

On a similarly picky note, if you want a possessive apostrophe in parents (a plural noun), it belongs after the s, not before it.

this is the student forum why are you commenting “looks lame.” :roll_eyes:

Looks lame … as I succinctly explained.

And, then there’s that washout of deep blues where it’s hard to decipher … what’s what!

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