Posters That Changed History

Hi! I’m a fan of posters, neons, and history :nerd_face:
I believe that posters definitely changed the world! Political activism and graphic style make a bizarre couple. But styles are historically associated with some politiсal movements and help to identify them.
If you have some pics of old posters or know stories about posters and neons, please write. :wink:

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neons as in signage, or neons as in day-glo posters?

neon signs and electro-graphic design.

Go to Google, type in “Posters that changed history”, and reap your reward.

Pinterest is great for stuff like this.

You mean this poster?!

Better link:

An easily recognized poster is the “Keep Calm and Carry On” from England used during World War…Two, I think? I forget, but you should look up the details if you’re interested - a lot of people would recognize it as a meme but not the history behind it.

Yup it was a British propaganda poster during WW2

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