Potential issues when naming a business

Am creating a list of potential naming issues to mindful of when naming a business for a client.

This is what I have so far:

Competitive clash
Negative connotation
Obscure reference
Too gendered
Inside joke
Bad translations
Difficult pronounciation

Do you think they are valid and do you think I’ve missed anything?

No such thing as “too gendered.” That’s relative to the business. Is Victoria’s Secret too gendered?

What’s wrong with an inside joke as long as the name of the business is appropriate?

What’s wrong with an obscure reference as long as it is appropriate?

There really is no way to make a list of Bad Things when it comes to logos. I mean other than the obviously negative things, and even there, it all depends on the target demographic. Kinda like band names…

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I think these are good things to be, as you put it, “mindful of when naming a business.” That doesn’t mean inside jokes or obscure references, for example, can’t be used, but it still seems prudent to fully consider the motive for using them and whether or not that motive is situationally appropriate.

It’s very rare for a designer to be asked to help name a business, however. It’s probably more common for a designer to have some input on naming a new product, where the same sorts of considerations would likely still apply.

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Yes, if the client is a band.

Maybe I misread the intent of the post. :upside_down_face:

I hardly think that the client is a financial institution or a law firm.

I think the points @pluto listed are all valid thinks to be mindful of, and I would add a few more:

  • Too long (ideally not longer than 8 characters)
  • Difficult to spell correctly after hearing it
  • .com and/or social media accounts already taken
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It was the wrong tree and I kept climbing.

Thanks for the feedback guys! The scenario is, am collaboratively building an app with some mates and we want to make sure the name is practical, speaks to the right audience and conveys some of the brands attributes.

@PrintDriver & @Just-B I had my reseverations about the “too gendered,” “inside joke,” and “obscure reference” aswell - will scrub them from my list!

@OVOAO Those are great suggestions, will add them to the list! :call_me_hand:

Here’s another one I just thought of: Unpleasant accronym

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Just thought of another one:

If you ever want to promote your business via email, make sure the business name is not a spam trigger word.

Too bad, there goes that perfect name for the “FREE MONEY” fintech app… :pleading_face:

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Damn! Was thinking of calling our app that! :rofl:

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