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Can someone direct me to a site that has GOOD PowerPoint examples? My experience in it is limited and I’m at a loss.

maybe here. Whether it’s PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc. The main thing to remember and try to have your client understand is that slides are meant to be talked about. Presenters should not just be reading the slides word for word. Slides should be brief.

Whether you’re fans of them or not, Apple event keynote presentations tend to also epitomize that idea of keeping it simple and allowed for the presenters to present and speak towards them instead.

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CraigB is 100% on the money in that you can only go so far with the design of the presentation, if someone is reading every single word on a beautifully designed presentation, it can be a poor user experience.

I recently found this blog that has tons of tips and tricks on presentation design and Powerpoint in general.

Doesn’t quite have example templates, but tons of valuable knowledge.

Thanks! That blog is really helpful. I always forget about Pinterest. I should’ve looked there first.

Laura Foley has been a PowerPoint specialist for many years. She has a lot of before and afters on her site. Her newsletter has some good info too. https://www.lauramfoley.com/gallery-2/

Good stuff! Thank you so much!

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