PowerPoint footer/header: should we add logos?

In the previous company I worked for, they’d always add their logo in all of a PowerPoint’s pages. Cover, content page, chapter pages, everywhere. In my current one, they’re fine as long as their and their clients’ logos are on the first page. Is there a right approach to this? Do you place your logos in all of the pages, or do you just make the corporate identity visible through the rest of the design?

He who pays the piper, and all that.

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Well, in practice yes, but are both edges right? And maybe everything in between?

I’m confused. Why would anyone ever consider placing their logo on a client’s anything? Maybe you’re referring to putting your company’s logo on presentations made to clients. Is that the case? Or maybe on this lazy, hot Sunday afternoon, my mind is dozing off and I’m not picking up on what you mean? :wink:

Anyway, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to whether a logo is placed on every slide or only on some of them as long as it’s consistent.

The slide decks I’ve put together for clients typically have header bars that contain the client’s logo, but I’ll usually defer to the client’s wishes or previous slide deck branding on something like that. The different slides in a deck need visual elements to help tie them together, and a header or footer bar is a pretty good way to do that. However, that’s a different issue.