PP Samples, Foils, and Embossing

Hey there, I have had some experience with packaging design but I have a few questions that have come up with a project I’m working on and I need some advice!

  1. How many print production samples can a supplier provide? In my experience, usually a print production sample is provided towards the end of the project, once the design is finalized. The client seems to think that they can send multiple iterations of the same product to sample, is that usually how it is done or should I explain to them otherwise?

  2. What is the best way to get a uniform look across different suppliers? We have this difficulty when it comes to matching a specific gold foil from the Kurz foil book across primary and secondary packaging. Any tips are helpful!

  3. The client wants the top of a small cap on the primary packaging embossed and foiled with their logo mark, is it possible to do both on a small deco area (14mm)? The dieline from the manufacturer said 1 pass deco on that area so I wasn’t sure if it was possible. If so, how should I set up the file for print?

Thanks so much for your help!

I do specialty prints, not packaging.
I give clients as many samples as they want to pay for. Over and over and over again, sometimes. Same with proofs. I they want to do their final edits on the proofs I provide, there’s a fee for that too.
Proofs/samples should be the final product just before it goes to print to make sure the printer didn’t make a mistake.