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Hello, friends!

So, my problem is I come from Russia and I do not have any financial independence. Therefore I cannot afford any good quality education in design.

My goal is to become a web designer who can live relying fully on web design as a job.
I decided to begin my journey with graphic design theory and I know most of the topics pretty good in my oppinion. I am kinda self-tought (like watched tons of vids in youtube and some free courses). But the problem is all those vids and stuff give only the theory itself and I feel that without applying this theory to practice (like making some layouts or smth like that) and gettiong feedback on that I cannot grow any confidence 'cuz in my oppinion practice and experience are the most important things in whole design.

So what I’m asking for is: if you remember what tsks you had to do when you were styding design in college/uni connected to GD theory (color, typography, shape, ect) can you please share them. Or maybe if there are some free resourses with tasks can you please share a link. And/or can u please share how did you become expirienced enough to apply for a job in design. That would be really helpful.


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G’day @kirwood :beers:

That’s great that you’re keen on pursuing a career in design, a word of caution though: this industry is super competitive and you’ll need to be very self motivated and determined AF to be successful.

Regarding the papers you would do in a design degree, you could litterally just go online and look at high profile noteable design colleges which charge a boatload of money for a degree and go over what they cover in their curriculum.

Regarding the feedback on your work, you can get that online too. You could post your stuff here (or at other design forums) along with the brief that you’ve given yourself and get feedback.

Hope this helps :beers:


Starting web designing as a career is very challenging, as you have to be the best of all. Getting an offer for the first time is the first challenge that people really afraid of. If you find your first work you have to worry about the fact that are you going to able to do it properly or are you going to mess it up. Things like these will mess up your head and eventually what you will end up doing would be a memory. For the very first months you have to work really hard and get really less money for the work you are doing. You will eventually get frustrated and some of them give up at this point. If you pass this point you will shine from here.

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Thanks! I think searching info in that direction can actually help.
And special thanks for the links you’ve shared!

Yeah, I agree with you. But the nice thing about web-design (as well as programming for example) is that you don’t need any expensive equipment. Things like layouts can be done in Figma for example and some HTML and CSS compilators are free and really good and comfortable to work with.

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