Hello everyone,

I’m a current student once again, but this time I’m in a Media Communications program which I’m loving tremendously! I previously attended college for other creative programs but I feel this one suits me a lot more.

My past experiences relay on Adobe Photoshop, and not very much Illustrator. I’ve played around in the program before, but didn’t understand it completely. I had an assignment where we had to create a business card.

Found this forum and I’m looking to get more serious in my graphic designing skills, wanting opinions from different sets of eyes would help. I’m
Also looking to gain more inspiration, gain back some creative juices I’ve lost over the years.

FYI, blacked out my last name.

Thank you.

Are you a fan of the band?
Or is it your initials with a BA degree?
Way way too busy and that thin outline is uneccessary (not to mention a technicality best avoided.)

Hey! Thanks for your reply—I’ve been reading many of your feedback comments and I must say, you know what you’re talking about! (I mean this in a great way!)

The AB are my initials and I’m taking a diploma program. I can understand how this layout seems distracting and busy. The outline on the front view of the card itself could of done without for sure.

I appreciate your feedback! :blush:

I’d stay away from anything that could be interpreted as copying ABBA’s logo. It’s the very first thing I and, apparently, PrintDriver saw. This is definitely not what you want as anyone’s first reaction to a business card.

Your choice of a typeface for your name and address is unusual. Is it a monospaced font? I’d be inclined to re-evaluate that choice.

Why the philodendron leaves? Are they meaningful in some way? I like them, but how do they relate?

The back of the card visually overpowers the front, and it has a different look that doesn’t really match or complement the front.

The thick, black, vertical line centered in the middle of the card really draws attention to itself, which probably isn’t where you want anyone’s attention focused.

From a purely practical standpoint, really thin lines that need tight registration a printing problems in the making. It’s best to stay away from those kinds of anticipated issues.

There are some strong hints in the card of you wanting to head off into an Art Deco direction, which is totally fine. If that’s the case, though, I’d tend to concentrate on being consistent with the style.

I didn’t even realize there was a ABBA band, but this is great information to know!

I agree with the fact that the design on the front and back look completely different. My reasoning for this was because I was looking for another opinion and a friend suggested to possibly change something (it wasn’t anything specific), so I changed the background colour (with up close logo) and the results of it turned into this.

Glad you caught that, what would you suggest I do to practice creating different concepts? I feel my creativity has been stumped, and slightly dumped. The best way I can relate this to is someone having writers block?

Thanks for your advice, I really happy to gain some insight!

Sorry, I guess I should of been more clear. This designed monogram isn’t something I was permanently settling with, it was just a play off my initials, didn’t realize there was a band. It was just an assignment I had sent in a month ago.

You’d really never heard of ABBA?!

Dear god, I must be old!

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LOL, I’m a very late 80s child, old soul, but young at heart. My genre in music is very open, I’m sure I’ve probably heard a couple of their tracks but didn’t connect the dots.

Did you watch the Mamma Mia movies? That’s all based around ABBA music :slight_smile:

and I know I’m old since I’ve been a fan since their arrival in the 70’s lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I have “take a chance, take a chance, take a chance…” stuck in my head.

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I love the first comment on this video:

“There’s two types of people, those who love ABBA and those who love ABBA and don’t admit it.”


It’s embarrassing … I belong to the second group. I’ll deny it if someone mentions.


OMG, DANCING QUEEN! How could I forget!? That’s definitely one of my favourite songs, I’m gonna go kick myself in the butt for this.

On a better note–at least my post has peaked some interest and has you folks enticed in a good way. I’m happy about that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I will quietly admit to Dancing Queen being one of my guilty pleasures, but like @Eriskay said, I’ll deny it if asked. Grown men do not normally admit in public that Dancing Queen makes them happy.


ABBA? Who’s that? Is it a band? Did I guess right?
(obviously didn’t get the memo…)

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