Pre-2009 website for 2020

I learned web design in 2007 and loved the platform of tables tr, td in front page.
well i understand that code.
in 2013 i tried building my website using Dreamweaver and had too many errors and white spaces because the coding was tricky so I shelved the project.

i currently use a free hosting sitey which displays cartoons and published art work. With WWWeb trying to being more secure each day, these free sites will be taboo soon.

my question is would a fresh website built using a 2007 platform work and be visible today?
There are some css and other html5 code things in the site which is not live.
the purpose is to show someone my art, not via a SEO visit.

thank you

Well, tables are supposed to be for tabular data, not general layout. The only reason they were once used for layout purposes is because no other way existed at the time. There are still instances where a table comes in handy for positioning things (despite CSS purists cries to the contrary), but in general, CSS is a far better way of building a website layout.

As for coding in 2007 terms, most of the code will still work, but some has been officially deprecated from the W3C standards (even though browsers still support it).

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that is what i thought. thank you
i think css is more cookie cutter were all the pages look and act the same.
I’m not worried about mobile devices, and would like to forbid the site to be presentable on one.

CSS is just a way to apply layout and design styling throughout a site. Each page can look different if you individually code them. Some elements, such as your navigation, should be consistent throughout the site.

Why? Do you realize that upward of 50% of traffic now comes from mobile? It’s become an expectation that your content needs to be discoverable on mobile. If you don’t, you will be ranked lower in search engines. Since 2007, smartphones and tablets have taken over a majority of computing.


This! :slight_smile:

… in the non-design world, I know of one person in my circle who still uses a PC/Desktop. Everyone is on a phone, iPad or tablet of some sort. I strongly suggest you cater to mobile users.

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if modern coding isn’t your strong point, I’d highly suggest using a templated style site like Squarespace, Wordpress, etc that you pay a small monthly fee for.

I come from old school web too, and these template sites are so much better than how it used to be done in dreamweaver.

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Well, it’s really for everything layout-related on the web. CSS is an effort to separate the styling from the structured content, which is what HTML is for. CSS can be applied site-wide through a common style sheet file. It can be applied per page by spelling it out between the head tags. It can also be applied on a case-by-case basis with inline coding.

You’re right, though, it’s great for developing site-wide consistency, which any publication (digital or print) needs. But it’s definitely not restricted to primarily to that.

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Seconded. Get a self-hosted WordPress site with a portfolio theme and just upload things there. Much quicker and easier than recoding a website from 2007 to fit 2020 standards. It will be mobile responsive too.

If you really, really insist on it, you can also convert your HTML site to WordPress as described here. However, I have doubts that it would make sense in this case. You are probably better off with a fresh start.

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because 100% of car traffic is on their cell phones.

WordPress is why I’m developing my own .com site, seems to me that webrowsers are going to block free blogs and host like sitey and wixx websites as sandbox does.
Oh thanks for the replies and comments, I had to wait until now to respond since i am a newbie.
the website is not intended for traffic and wont be optimized.
traffic is bad were anyone can abuse the site.

Are you saying you don’t want your site to be mobile friendly out of concern for people looking at your site while driving. Phone use while driving is definitely a problem, but those people are generally using their phones for making calls, texting, checking directions, ordering coffee and things like that. I could be wrong, but I doubt many people are just pointlessly cruising the web while driving.

Web browsers might block sites that contain malware, and they can be set up by their users to block certain other kinds of sites and features. No browser I’m aware of blocks free blogs and free website-building sites. I see no motivation for their developers to do that since it would make their browsers less useful.

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in fact im trying to develop a landing pages were the text reads: USE A COMPUTER TO VIEW THIS SITE! if someone happens to visit the site via cellphone or itouch.
i no like them.

That would be easy to do with a simple media query. This is the same way a web developer would use to serve custom responsive content for various display widths from desktops to cell phones. In your case, you’d specify that a browser with a display width of under, I don’t know, 600 or 700 pixels would display the custom content you want — a message telling people to use a desktop computer, I guess.

You can, of course, build your personal website to suit your preferences. However, I’ve not run into a situation where a site owner wanted to deny access to a group of people due to not liking the device they were using to access the site.

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If your intent is to limit reach and saturation, why make a website in the first place? Why even pose the original question if you don’t actually care about user experience?

If Wordpress isn’t your thing (wasn’t for me either), check out square space. Lots of big brands use these templated sites and they all meet current web standards so they aren’t going to be blocked by different services for those reasons.

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the reason for the website is because i have to display my artwork on a real place instead of a free one. sorry if we strayed off the main topic “will this work” and discussed other feeble things.
This website on Expressions is completed besides text and header info as page title descriptions. all the graphics and java is working.
next step is to register and launch the site.

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