Preschool Picasso

Looking at some of his work, Preschool Pollack might be more accurate.

What do you think? Does the kid have talent or is he just slinging paint and doodling?

You can search and find quite a bit more of his work than what’s shown in the article.

In the eye of the beholder type thing?

If people buy it … he’s doing it right.

I’m no judge of Art. Especially things like Pollack type art. They are all just throwing things at the canvas. For some it’s suddenly a masterpiece worth millions to others it’s blobs of spilled paint. It’s art to whoever will pay for it I guess.

My niece who was 3 at the time did something similar. I better hold on to it :smiley:



Truer words have yet to be spoken.

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Poor kid is going to be looking back at his early teens as the best time of his life, like a child actor. lol

I’m sorry though, doesn’t that kid (the German boy) look like an asshole in that picture? Lol.

I think it shows talent. Yeah, kids make a mess with these things, but there’s always unrestrained creativity that gets compromised as they grow older and begin feeling like they need to stay “within the lines.”

That said, what I see here is uninhibited creativity combined with a natural sense of composition and rhythm, which is unusual. My guess is that he will grow out of it and lose that spark as he gets a bit older and his work starts to tighten up.

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