Present from our dog

This evening, I let Rosie, our beagle, outside into the yard to do her business. I left the door ajar so that she could come back in. Three or four minutes later, I heard Rosie coming up the stairs. She headed straight into where Mrs. B was sitting and dropped a marvelous find in her lap — a big, fat, partially frozen Norway rat. The blood-curdling scream was deafening.


Aww, sweet Rosie …she loves her Momma! However, I take it by the scream the gift was not well received :stuck_out_tongue: LOLOL.

Poor Mrs. B :wink:

The crazy things our furbabies do for us. They are sharing their prize kills and we are repulsed.

I think I told the story of a cat I had many moons ago… Smokey.

His victim of choice was Chipmunks. He wouldn’t just kill them … he would remove their eyes and gather them up for me. Like a small bowl of blueberries. I’ve never been able to look a little blueberries the same.

Still gives me chills :wink:


:scream_cat: :flushed:

I think Smokey might have been a psychopath.


LOL … I think so too :wink:


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