Pricing commissions

So I’ve done a few art commissions before and the most awkward thing would be putting a price on it. I base the price based on the predicted difficulty/quality of the piece, and if there’s a deadline I might charge a bit more but fortunately so far I haven’t been given any deadline with any of them.

I also hear about how artists tend to undercharge their work, so I wanna know how do you price your work?

I’m also not a professional and I’m still working on honing my skills and improving.

The BIG issue is whether you are surrendering all rights to your work. The Graphic Artist Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines is an essential reference tool and can walk you through all the various issues.

You’re totally right, as creatives we tend to undervalue our own work and time. And we’ll do this to our own detrement, is it any wonder so many creatives struggle.

I would suggest you consider pricing based on the value you provide to your client, check out this video at 2:47:

Would also recomend you check out @creativeboost’s podcast with Blair Enns:

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