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Hey there, had a quick question. I made a logo for tshirt printing for a customer and before only charged them for the creation. That was a few years ago. They are now asking for a .png file, how much do I charge them for the new .png file?
Any help is appreciated. I’ve not been asked for files like this and need to know a price range.
thanks all

Charge them your time.

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This would be a quick task. So just charge the minimum fee? Or try to calculate down to the actual minute. I want to stay competitive but most of all not sell myself short.

How competitive? Only you can define where you can stay competitive and not lose your shirt.

If it takes you five minutes, charge half an hour. I never bill 23 minutes’ worth of work.

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Sorry. Forum rules stipulate that monetary values not be discussed.

Whatever that not displeases yourself and your client is a good value.

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oh, thanks for letting me know

Welcome to the Forum. I’ve deleted your question the other places you have asked. You only need to ask once and please don’t attach a question you have to someone else’s post.

Thanks :slight_smile:

As Eriskay said, charge them for your time. Why they need a .png is another matter, but you didn’t ask about that.

I’ve learned there’s rarely anything new that takes under an hour. If I were working on, say an illustrator file, and somebody asked me to quickly save it as a PNG, it would take two or three minutes to make and hand off.

However, you’re talking about finding something that you did several years ago. You’re running into various issues, like not having the right fonts installed or it not opening correctly or whatever. You’ve taken the time to communicate with them. Will they want an 8- or 24-bit PNG? What about transparency? It’s taken away time from something else. You took the time to write your question here. You’re taking time to read this now. Are you going to invoice them? Will this mean a separate trip to the bank to cash their check? In other words, even if you only needed to do half these things, you’ve put at least an hour into this project, if not more.

So how much is an hour (or more) of your time worth? Charge them that much.

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