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Hello How are you all.

I am applying to some briefs online for paid work. I came across this one brief which wanted a Primary and Secondary logo. I don’t understand this? Can someone please explain. Thank you

If you can share some examples then great.

A secondary logo can mean many things. And sometimes it can mean something completely different if the person doing the asking doesn’t know what they are asking for. Like on a crowdsourced logo site for example.

Is it a logo for a company, then secondary logos for each of their product lines (think Microsoft or Adobe.)
Is it a logo for a company with a vector lock-up then a blingd version for internet usage and spectacular printed stuff?
Is it a person asking for a vector lock-up then a B&W or W&B logo for use when needed.
Is it a person asking for a stacked logo and a horizontal logo?
Who knows.
That is why designers ask questions when they take on a client. Something sorely lacking in those crowdsource sites.

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Are we not in the business of communication? Assume is a not a wise thing to do, for you, and for us who even attempt to explain.

Thank you so much for your responses. Would be be like Adobe Creative Cloud Logo which is the Primary Logo and Secondary Logo is Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe InDesign etc.

Not necessarily. That’s more like parent/child relationships. Do a Google search for “secondary logo examples” and you’ll find plenty of graphical specimens, plus a few decent explanatory articles.

Ah but what Google says they might be, is not necessarily what some client on a crowdsource site thinks they are. I’d say the odds are less than 50/50 that the person requesting said logos knows what they are talking about.
Ha, I even saw an image example in a google search where someone was showing a secondary logo in a brand guide where they contradicted their own branding by doing the primary logo all wrong on a non-white-paper background in order to show the secondary (yeah, it made sense when I wrote it…)


In that case, its better i dont take clients that ask for seconday logos :smiley:

Thank you

No, it’s better to ask clients what they mean.

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Discuss it with your client in detail, don’t hesitate. May be your client is a bit confused.

This thread is over a month and a half old. Whatever happened or not happened should be over and done with by now.

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