Priming effect

Found this website a few days ago: List of Cognitive Biases and Heuristics - The Decision Lab and fell down a massive rabbit hole :rabbit: reading about various forms of cognitive bias that effect our decision-making.

Today was reading about the Priming Effect, which is essentially seemingly unreleated cues that we’re exposed to influencing our subsequent decisions.

Here’s the article:

Then I watched this video, which I believe is refering to the same effect:

And it got me thinking, have you ever consciously designed anything to leverage this effect, similar to the clouds/cash background example shown in the video:


Oh sure. The most obvious one was posters for a pub’s new security system. The landlord was tired of chasing out drug dealers so he put in CCTV. I designed posters with eyes on them like a Hitchcock effect. It worked like a charm.

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