Print production - videos/pics

If anyone is wondering what it looks like in a newspapers printing - kinda like a fun rollercoaster

This is recent from where I am from - Irish Times plant now printing the Sunday Independent, as of last night.

If anyone has more to share it’s always fun to see them :stuck_out_tongue:

(I need to get out more)


I have the same affliction - I know exactly how it smells in there. :grin:

I do love the smell of print off the press. It’s very satisfying… Wonder if there’s a Yankee candle for that ???

There is a candle that smells like Gwyneth Paltrow’s lady parts, why not make one that smells like a press room?

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Ewwwww. :nauseated_face: I’ll pass on that one.

Same here. When I open a box of offset work from the printer, the first thing I do is take in a deep breath. Digital printing just doesn’t make the cut when it comes to the rich oily aroma of printers’ ink.

I’ve mentioned lots of times that I spent 15 years at a daily newspaper. The editorial newsroom where I worked was right above the printing presses. When those gigantic Heidelberg web presses would start up, the whole building would shake. The newspaper would sometimes take elementary student class tours through the printing facilities. It was always fun to watch the kids’ expressions.

Yeh you sure have - the videos are impressive though.

If you have any local videos or anything - I’d be interested in seeing them. I’m a bit dubious about posting other peoples videos as they have logos and branding on them.

But if it’s ok with the forum society of elders then I may.