Printer for Proofing Type and Layout


I was wondering what recommendations others would have for a printer mainly used for proofing type and layout? I’m not worried about color, or complex imagery as I have a printer for that stage of the game, but I need something that can pump out sharp text, quickly and efficiently when working with large bodies of copy and display type kerning.

I do a lot of folded print work (books, brochures, invitations, marketing collateral) so anything that can at least do 11x17 paper would be ideal. I’ve been looking at laser printers (brother specifically), and think that might be more ideal instead of replacing my now dead inkjet with another.


If you are only looking for legibility, the laser may be the way to go. Lasers suck when it comes to color though.
Have you looked into leasing rather than buying? You may be able to get a higher end machine that way, with no service worries.
Be careful of the number of clicks allowed when leasing.
Compare toner cost to inkjet ink cost as well. A lot of times the laser is cheaper in that respect.