Printing PDF Image not appearing

I sent a client 2 PDFs. I made them inDesign. Packaged everything. Exported as an HQ PDF.
Downsampled some images because they were a larger file size.

Overall the exported PDFs are about 3-6mb in size for a brochure. The client is happy until he notices an image isn’t showing up. He sent me a screenshot and the image just isn’t there.

I double checked everything on my end and there are no errors, linking errors, everything is in the packaged file. So I exported it again, printed it out, and I’m seeing the image and it prints just fine.

It’s been a while since I’ve printed. What have I done wrong? I’m just assuming it was a size issue therefore the image is there it’s just not visible.

Just guessing. But the problem most likely is how the client is opening the PDF. If they are (for example) on their smart phone, then who knows how it’s opening, or they may be opening it through a web browser which is going to cause all sorts of issues.

Is it just one of several images not showing up, if that’s the case that is odd. Is there anything odd about the image that isn’t showing up. As in, is it a placed PSD file, does it have transparency? Does it have some sort fo unique object effect, etc.

The JPG image has a blurred border effect per-request of the client. Its only 1/5 images that aren’t appearing. I was thinking it was because he was opening it on his mobile device.

The only reliable PDF reader is Acrobat, all other PDF readers are 3rd party and may not conform to all the PDF modules to view it correctly.

What I sometimes do in these situations is make jpegs of all the pages and send them those as an alternate proof method for invalid pages that are not showing correctly.

You might want to flag those images/pages with the printers too to give them a heads up to look for.

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Thanks! I just did that

Is there something different about the image that’s not showing up? RGB vs. all others being CMYK? CMYK vs. all others being RGB? 8 bit vs. 16 bit? Format the missing image is saved as? Any masking or weird channels with the image in question?

1 image is CMYK, the others are natively RGB

The images aren’t present when the client prints the file? Or they’re not present when the client attempts to view the artwork on screen?

If it’s the first, it could easily be how the client chooses to print the file. How the file is “RIP”ed and the integrity of the print driver all play an important role on what comes out of the printer.

For example if I printed directly from InD or Acrobat, my system would automatically select a postscript driver to render the file. However if I imported a pdf directly into the RIP it would default to the Adobe pdf print engine.

Both rendered different print quality and varying color output.

I’m trying to get someone else to print it now to see if when i print it the system is reading it correctly whereas his isnt.

He just tried to print and it printed small and without any images. Kinda want to avoid passive-aggressively telling the client they don’t know how to print an 8.5 x 11inch document.

We have had the same problem with clients viewing and things missing because of overprint preview issue even when viewing in acrobat reader, but I have not had the same issue with them printing. But it could be sending things behind other items if it is a busy piece.

Its not an entirely busy piece. I guess the client was trying to print and fold the brochures himself. I recommended he find a printshop.

Many people are thrown off by Acrobat’s scale page to printable area feature.

By any chance do you have spot colors and transparency anywhere in the InDesign file?
They don’t have to be touching nor even on the same page.
While I often have trouble viewing PDFs in Preview on a mac or sometimes in Mac Outlook email, a print problem is usually something else, and usually the transparency bug.

Not that I know of.
The client was trying to view the PDF on an iPhone that’s about all I know.
I was told he bought a new printer in order to do the job himself. I believe he’s now convinced to go to an actual printshop. They shouldn’t have any issue with it. His friend didn’t have the same issues he had.

A spot would show up in your program swatch palette or ink manager. Any outside-supplied art is suspect, especially logos.

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