Printing Raster Files on Large Format

Hi I got a request from a client to include a raster photo on his door vinyl which is 70 x 55 cm . The photo will be about 30x30 cm what is the recommended resolution please. Im new to printing .


anywhere from 75-150ppi at final print size depending on the intent of the print on the “door vinyl.”

IOW, if high profile and viewed while stationary the rez should look really GOOD (approaching 150ppi.) If viewed at 60mph on a highway as part of an overall ad, it doesn’t have to be in the high range.

Of course, it depends on the photo quality.
GIGO rule applies.
(Garbage in, Garbage out.)

In addition to what PrintDriver just mentioned, which it totally accurate, if when you resize your photo the resolution is below 150ppi, it will do absolutely no good to resample it up to that resolution.

Sampling images down to appropriate sizes works great. Sampling image up just increases the number of pixels without adding any additional detail.

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