Printing with Transparent Ink

I think this should be interesting to some of our printers around here:

While clever and interesting, until they find a means of physically bonding those microdomes to the glass surface, this is going nowhere. The only process I have seen that bonds color to glass in a process that can stand weathering is Frit Glass (printing with glass onto glass and firing it in a kiln, comparable to porcelain imagery.) It’s not the same thing but boy is it durable.
Digital Printing - HMI Glass

Somehow too, it seems there could be something inherently toxic in this “ink.” And while I suspect you can use the same mechanical parts of an existing inkjet printer, you are going to be replacing the heads and the motherboard.

We’ll see. I remember when the direct print flatbeds first came out and a bunch of were talking about wow, you blow a print on that thing and you blow the whole board you’re printing on. Now? Can’t live without them. LOL!

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