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I study with the Open Study College and I am doing A Level’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I was due to take exams in 2021 but they got cancelled due to the pandemic. There was the Ofqual consultation so I am hoping that there will be exams for A Level private candidates in Summer 2021.

  1. Can you provide guidance on outcome of Ofqual consultation and whether Open Study College will provide CAG’s (Centre Assessed Grades) or if its related centre in Birmingham, English Maths Science Tuition & Examination Centre (Sparkhill) would provide CAG’s?

Also, I would like to apply for 2022 entry for Medicine so only really need predicted grades this year to apply before October 2021 for Medicine. I just wanted to get actual grades this year as I am studying privately so that I can just apply with actual grades. My only concern is if I don’t get to apply this year with actual grades due to no exams taking place and if no CAG’s are provided by Open Study College/or the centre in Birmingham then, maybe if I do appy with predicted grades in September 2021 for Medicine that there may not be any exams again in Summer 2022.

  1. So my other question would be whether you know if exams in Summer 2022 are guaranteed with the whole pandemic going on in case exams do not take place in Summer 2021 after Ofqual consulatation outcome?

I am just really apprehensive of of the whole Summer 2021 exam situation for private candidates and at edge to hear what the outcome of the Ofqual consultation will be.

Therefore, can you provide guidance for above two questions?

Hi @rohit46 :slight_smile: Welcome.

I think you may have stumbled into the wrong forum :wink:

Unless I am half asleep and reading this wrong … we have nothing to do with Medical teachings. This is a Graphic Design Forum.


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