Problem with .cdr image

All of my work are stored on computer. One of .cdr files stopped correctly opening, it is opened only with message Error reading a TobsS.cdr file. I don’t know how to be and what actions to do for successful opening. I’m using CorelDraw X6 on Win 7 x32.

The file is probably corrupt beyond retrieval. This sort of thing happens every now and then from bugs in the program or media errors while saving the file. If you don’t have a backup file, you might be out of luck.

Some programs automatically save backup recovery copies under a different name. Do a find on all files that were last saved at the same time this corrupted file was saved. If you are on a Macintosh, see if there is a recovery file in your trash can. Also, see if you can import the corrupted file into a different type of program.

If you’re wiling, you could try an online converter like Zamzar and see if that works.

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Convert your CDR file to JPG, its the best way

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