Problem with creating justified paragraphs in InDesign

I was wondering how set up left justified paragraphs with proper word spacing in the first line. I looked it up on YouTube and found a video which does not seem like a good solution for texts which are not supposed to be hyphenated. However it depicts the problem I’m facing quite clearly. Here’s the video:

Did you watch the video beyond the hyphenation segment, showing the Justification settings adjustments? When setting full-justified text in relatively narrow columns, good hyphenation is the best tool. That’s why he showed it first, but personally, I avoid turning on broad hyphenation whenever I can. So I use the Justification settings much like they were applied in the video. Without hyphenation, you may have to make the adjustment increments a bit larger. Just don’t go too far with the glyph scaling or you’ll be compromising the integrity of the font. (I’m sure there are some who’d frown upon any amount of glyph scaling, but I’d challenge them to spot the result of a 1 or 2 percent variation. Remember: when you change those settings, you’re really only widening the Adobe Paragraph Composer’s leeway; not necessarily applying the adjustments directly.) When I do this I activate the Preview option and keep adjusting until I get the best result I can using the smallest possible adjustments.

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My solution to this problem has always been not to justify narrow columns of type. Flush left, ragged right just works better unless word hyphenation is used.

If that’s not an option for some reason, there will be noticeably uneven word spacing and rivers of ugly spaces running down through the columns of text.


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