Problem with MacBook Air

I have started to study graphic design, but I have a problem with the computer. I looked on the internet to see if the ram memory is enough to support adobe programs and it says 8 GB memory is enough, but it still hangs too much. What can I do ? ( I use MacBook Air)

Eight gigabytes are enough to open and use Adobe’s CC apps, but it’s a bare minimum configuration that results in what you’ve described — especially if you open more than one program at a time or work on large files.

I’d say 16GB of memory is the minimum usable amount, with 32GB preferable for graphic design and even more for 4K+ video or 3d work. Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade the memory on a new MacBook Air.

What you can do is keep all your other apps turned off while using the Adobe apps one at a time.

Another issue that could help is optimizing your scratch disc configuration. How big is your SSD (hard drive)? Does it have lots of contiguous free space to use as scratch? By default, the Adobe apps offload big chunks of working file data from RAM to your SSD. If there’s insufficient free scratch space to transfer the data back and forth efficiently, you’ll see stalls, delays, and hangs.

If you have a small SSD, it can help to buy a relatively inexpensive removable drive and configure that as your secondary scratch disc. I always use a removable drive to store most of my files in addition to using it for secondary scratch space. Doing this keeps my faster internal drive open for use as first-option scratch space.

To configure your scratch disc for Photoshop, go to your Photoshop menu and select Photoshop > Preferences > Scratch Disks. The other Adobe apps each have their own way of accessing the scratch configurations, but you can look them up via Google.

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What year is your MacBook Air?

What year is it as Smurf asked.
Intel or M1?
What OS are you running?
How full is your hard drive?

For years I ran all the Adobes and then some on an 8gig ram on an original macbook retina, keeping at least 100 gigs of free space for scratch. Along with a bunch of peripheral software. And I deal with some pretty big files. But sadly with the advent of OS 11 and Adobe bloating their software, I’ve taken that old soldier offline. It can’t handle it. It is now my surfboard.

Hello PrintDriver, thank you for your answer.
My MacBook is Retina, 13-inch, 2019, Intel
MacOS: 13.0 (22A380)
My hard drive has 121,02 GB and i use 48,1 GB
When i first bought it, I hadn’t started using Adobe programs, so i hadn’t looked into it so much
and now i find it hard to work, if it takes so long.

Unfortunately, you have an underpowered machine with no upgrade paths. It’s a great little computer for browsing the web, writing emails, using a word processor, and watching videos, but running the Adobe apps efficiently requires a bit more. In my first message, I gave you some suggestions on how to mitigate the problem, but that’s about all you can do.

The memory chips in a MacBook Air are soldered in place. It’s not possible to open up the machine and simply swap out the existing memory modules with new ones — well, that is short of laboriously removing the old ones and soldering in new ones, which I’d definitely recommend not doing unless you’re a serious electronics geek. Apple didn’t make the Airs with the intent of anybody upgrading them.

Unfortunately, the only good solution to really fix the problem is to buy a more capable computer.

Hello Just-B,
You helped me a lot, I’ll see what I can do
Thank you very much!

Yeh the 13 inch MacBook 2019 has the 8210Y Processor - built for portability over power.

It’s really not a great machine even with more RAM.

No it’s not.

Might help - but not likely

This system settings info includes display settings - resolution - color - time zone - speaker volume, and other things.

Not really related.

The amount of RAM you has no bearing on what medium you’re designing for.
The applications have become a lot more intensive as the years go on.
More RAM the more programmes you can have open and the less they are fighting each other for control of RAM.

Nothing to do with designing for print…or ‘heavy design use’.

16gb is recommended - 8gb is minimum.
32gb for animation/3d modeling
64gb for video editing and other things of that nature

(general rules)

I wouldn’t say incredible. They are overpriced. They are not the best processors on the market and adding RAM to them is extortionate.

these situations are of my personal experience and research

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