Problem with making a icon background transparent

Hello community,

I am totaly anti-talented to graphic design, so I had the need to ask a professional.

I have an icon, 16x16 for TeamSpeak server, that has white background, this, right here:

The thing is, that when I use a program called PhotoFiltre (curently I can not spend money for anything better), and I take a tool, that replaces certain color with transparent, I set the best sensitivity and everything works. The white background vanishes. The problem is, that when i put this photo with transparent background on the team speak server and I use a dark background, there are white lines in some parts of the edges of the image.

Now how can I achieve perfect quality, so it is going to be without these lines? I just want to take that white background out and have perfectly lined picture, just like it is supposed to be.

Is there some better tool for it? Or what do I need to use?

In advance thanks for any help.

EDIT: This is how it looks like, you can see those “lines” or how can i call it.

The whitish edges are what is called antialiasing. It’s basically a slight blurring of the edge that averages the pixels out along the curves to prevent jagged stair step sorts of curves. Each of those pixels have color values assigned to them.

I’m completely unfamiliar with PhotoFiltre so I don’t know what capabilities is has, but even using Photoshop it would be a pixel-by-pixel fix to correct the problem. It would easier to redraw the image in Illustrator, then antialias the image in Photoshop and save it as a PNG with translucent antialiased pixels that could be placed over any color background.

In PhotoFiltre, is it possible to select all those edge pixels and make them translucent (or transparent) so that their pixel colors combine with those of the background rather than replacing it? I have a hunch that you don’t have the right tools for the job, but I really don’t know.

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